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3948 Valley Vista Dr
Camino, CA, 95709
United States

Plein air landscape artist David Yapp paints scenes of California in oils. Subjects are as diverse as the California landscape itself and include the Sierra Nevada mountains, the oak covered hills and scenic coastline. David uses palette knife and brushes in a style that is reminiscent of impressionism.

Plein Air Painting Workshops – Miraflores Winery, Placerville, CA


Plein Air Painting Workshops – Miraflores Winery, Placerville, CA


Plein Air Painting Workshops – Miraflores Winery, Placerville, CA

from 55.00

Upcoming workshop dates:

  • Saturday, August 10 (Half day) From $55

  • Saturday, September 14 (Full day) From $85

  • Saturday, October 12 (Full day) From $85

Learn to paint en plein air (in the open air) at this winery in beautiful, Pleasant Valley. Discover the tools and techniques used to create a successful landscape painting on location. We will look at creating a successful composition, using an under-painting, and working with both brushes and palette knife to apply color.

The workshops are suitable for adults—beginners through to intermediate level artists.
Miraflores will be providing a courtesy wine tasting for the workshop participants.

Half day workshops start at 8.15am and finish at 12.15pm
Full day workshops start at 9.15am and finish at 4pm.

You can either bring your own equipment and materials or purchase the workshop with equipment and materials rental included.

Date/with/without materials & equipment rental:
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About the Workshop

We will be located at the pond, with a beautiful view of the winery above.* I will demonstrate using oil paints. After the demonstration you can choose a location to paint, using either oils or acrylics. I will move around the group and give encouragement and guidance to each individual participant.

At lunchtime, Miraflores will provide a complimentary wine tasting. Please bring your own lunch.

2120 Four Springs Trail
Placerville, CA 95667

Full Day Workshop

9.15am–12pm Morning Session
12–1pm Lunch and complimentary wine tasting. Please bring your own lunch.
1–4pm Afternoon session (Winery closes at 5pm)

Half Day Workshop
8.15am–12.15pm Morning Session
12.15pm Complimentary wine tasting. Please bring your own lunch if desired.

You can either bring your own equipment and oil or acrylic paints or rent the equipment, materials and acrylic paints needed for the workshop.**

Sketching easel
Two, 11”x14” canvases or canvas panels
Painting umbrella*
Vine charcoal
Sketch pad (no smaller than letter size)

Brushes and palette knife:
Hog bristle brushes: No’4 & No’8 filbert or short flat
Synthetic or sable brushes: no’2 rigger or no’ 2 round
Palette knife with an approx 2” “blade”

Paints—choose between oils or acrylics:
Transparent earth yellow or burnt sienna,
Alizarin crimson hue;
Ultramarine blue,
Hansa yellow light or cadmium lemon,
Replacement flake white or titanium white

Optional additional colors if you want a broader range of colors:
Hansa yellow medium or Cadmium yellow medium
Naples yellow hue
Yellow Ocher
Cadmium red medium or napthol scarlet
Cerulean blue hue

If painting in oils:
Odorless mineral spirits in a paint canister
Walnut Oil

If painting in acrylics:
Water canister
Stay-wet palette (optional)

Clothing etc
Apron or a long sleeve shirt you don’t mind getting paint on
Latex gloves or barrier cream
A broad-brimmed hat
Shades for when you are not painting
Water bottle
Bring layers to wear

*Please note that the winery gates do not open until 10am. Please make arrangements to use restrooms prior to arriving if needed.

**If you choose to purchase the workshop with the materials and equipment rental:
Select this option for the appropriate date when you check out. Rental includes all the materials and equipment you will need for the workshop, with a basic color range of acrylic paints.

Cancellation and refunds policy